Government publications and public licensing

author: Wen-Yin Chou and Tyng-Ruey Chuang
publication date: April 2006
cite this with: Wen-Yin Chou and Tyng-Ruey Chuang. Government publications and public licensing. 〈政府出版品與著作公眾授權〉. In RDEC Bimonthly 《研考雙月刊》, vol. 30, no. 3, pages 3-15. April 2006.
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本文介紹目前廣為使用的「創用CC授權條款」(Creative Commons Licenses)。我們期待著作公眾授權的理念與實務可以導入政府出版品的出版、發行與使用,讓公眾在取得政府出版品的同時,能瞭解其使用的權利與義務,方便其加值利用,也讓數量龐大、內容豐富、品質優良、形式多元的政府出版品,在目前著作權體制下,能發揮更高的使用效益。

We give an introduction to Creative Commons and the Creative Commons Licenses. We hope that the ideal and practice of public licensing of creative works can be adapted for government publications. When adapted, public licensing will enable wider dissemination of government publications. Public licensed government publications will also allow the general public to better utilize these publications, and will further encourage public participation in public affairs.

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