Measuring the Information Society

author: Andrea Wei-Ching Huang
publication date: September 2004
cite this with: Andrea Wei-Ching Huang. Measuring the Information Society: International ICT Indicators and e-Business. Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Department of Commerce Research Paper. September 2004.
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category: Social Implications of Information Technologies
tag: information society, ICT, indicator, e-Business
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This paper turns to the indicators that are derived from the issues of information society (IS), information communication technology (ICT) as well as e-business/e-commerce (EC). It aims to explain the concepts, methodologies and conventions used in the calculation of these indicators and the measurement issues that arise both in the international and local levels. The paper does not seek to describe in detail every indicator that appears or ever has appeared. Instead it focuses on the key indicators or groups of indicators which appear in the associated issues between IS, ICT and EC which have conceptual or methodological aspects which are worthy of explanation. It follows by the policy implication of OECD recommendation as a sound advice to the policy makers.

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