eCommerce Issues

Global Broadband Commerce Development

author: Andrea Wei-Ching Huang and Sophia Liang
publication date: March 2004
cite this with: Andrea Wei-Ching Huang and Sophia Liang. Global Broadband Commerce Development. Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Department of Commerce Research Paper. March 2004.
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category: Social Implications of Information Technologies
tag: broadband, e-commerce, development, trend
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Is the broadband commerce era coming? Lack of broadband theory and models in e-commerce poses a major challenge to the business, governments as well as academics. We try to give an overview of some of the work being done to international organisations for assessing the global broadband commerce environment. Examples are drawn from a wide range of literatures such as ITU, OECD, UNCTAD and some authentic research institutes with in-depth comparisons and analysis. This paper summaries the findings of broadband e-commerce development in order to explore potential new business models for the Internet.

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