Semantic Web and Linked Open Data

Ontology Makings

  • General Event Relation (GER): The GER ontology asserts that a certain event occurred and determined by its four basic relations, namely, identity relation, temporal relation, spatial relation and cause relation. Event is also partly determined by the fifth GER that is an exceptional relation which may be stated or not.
  • Relations for Reusing Ontology (R4R): The R4R ontology is a light-weight ontology for representing general relationships of resource for different contexts: curation, publication and reusing. Five resource objects including article, data, code, provenance and license are major class concepts to represent in this ontology.
  • Digital Archives Thesaurus Ontology(dat): The dat ontology consists 12 classes and 20 properties. Among these, 12 properties reuse common vocabularies from DCMI Metadata Terms,, and Simple Knowledge Organization System. Two parts are defined, namely the core ontology and the curation ontology. The core of the dat ontology describes the domain knowledge of the collection in the archive (in this initial phase that is the Chinese Artifacts) while the curation ontology is designed to represent data preservation, classification, publication and reusing semantically. Concepts like dataset, provenance, license, reusing are described for curation purposes.
  • Ontology for Open Data Web (voc4odw): This document describes an ontology for publishing Linked Data in the Open Data Web ( The initial ontology is being designed for implementing CC licensed data from the Union Catalog of Digital Archives Taiwan. However, the ontology is flexible and adaptable for other uses in curating, publishing and reusing their data, according to users’ context. The Core Model is responsible for the key framework to publish linked data at the Open Data Web (ODW). It therefore supports most clearly at the intersection between the Curation process and the voaf:Vocabulary. The Curation Model is responsible for disclosing identification, classification and publication of the data at the Open Data Web (ODW). The voaf:Vocabularyas a main class relates the Core Model to external common vocabularies. It is responsible for the semantic interpretation of the data curated and reused at the Open Data Web (ODW). Some hierarchy relations between different external vocabularies can be traced.

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